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Step Sisters Conundrum

Heidi moaned lightly as her eye lids fluttered and she climbed slowly up out of the soft blanket of sleep. She lay still, her eyes closed thinking about her problem. Now you would think that a gorgeous redheaded, green eyed, 18 year old beauty with 36 “B” cup breasts and a shapely tanned body, who […]

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When I was in high school I went to spend the summer with my mom who lived a Oklahoma. When I got there she took me to meet my cousins. I had never met any of them and was anxious about it. My aunt and uncle had four kids: Charlie, Clare, Gordy and Connie. I […]

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Hung High School Senior

“Seth, oh Seth. Fuck me! Fuck me! Please! Please-” I woke up with a start. I was sweating profusely and was rock-hard. I looked down at my shirtless body. I had cum soaked through my boxers surrounded by a tee-pee that stuck out, made by my twitching dick. It stuck up a full 5 1/2″ […]