Office Boy

That day was never imagined by the beautiful and sexy artist Bunga Citra Lestari. The actress who is often called Bunga has been fighting the world of acting as a source of income. There have been several feature films played by him as the main role. It’s not wrong if men all over the world like that sexy actress.

Unexpectedly, after several times being the lead role on one of the big screens he had had sex with 3 office boys at one of his film companies. At first Bunga finished shooting in one of her latest films. Around 11.29 he just finished shooting. It’s just that the crew and people associated with the film are getting ready to go home.

After about half an hour, there were no more people around the filming area. Except for Bunga who was about to change her clothes because of the shoot and 3 office boys who were still busy clearing the shooting equipment at the venue. Before the flowers change clothes, he wants to call his driver to deliver him home.

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But before he called, it appeared that 3 office boys were heading towards him. Their faces were shocked when they saw Bunga only dressed in a teng-top and her favorite shorts, her black bra in a race with her tengtop strap. But they ignored that, because they had often seen Flowers like that. One of them immediately asked “Still not come home non ??”.

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While busy choosing her clothes to be replaced, the flowers answered “Not Viery”. The three office boys were also busy putting filming equipment in the Bunga room. Then Bunga rushed to the dressing room near there. Flowers are different than usual, Bunga looks beautiful because her makeup is still a little visible on her face. Without going wide, Flowers opened the door of the changing room. Then close it again.

While in Bunga’s room, the 3rd OB was still in his room, they saw a cellphone ringing on the table. Hurry up, one of them looked at the cellphone that rang. Apparently there was an sms from the driver. Out of curiosity they agreed to read it. In the text the driver asked that what time he would be picked up he said. Regardless of what penetrated the 3 OBs, they took the initiative to reply to the text by stating that Bunga would go home alone with her friend. It turned out that the 3rd OB planned to rape Bunga.

Shortly after, Bunga returned to her room after wearing a tight shirt and jeans. The 3 OBs are still in the room. “Everything … Flowers go home first …” said Bunga while taking the tissue in her bag. “How come it’s fast non ??” said Stiven, one of them OB. They are named Stiven, Putra and Viery. Each of them is 23 years old. Because from their junior high school together they finally became OB in a film company. “Iaa nihh … it’s already half past one …” replied Bunga.

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Suddenly Viery closed the door of the room. “Loh … why is it closed Viery ??”. Without replying Stiven was approaching Flowers. “Non … Non really beautiful today …” Stiven stressed. “Ahh … it’s just ordinary …”. “But it’s really different from the previous days”. “Ahhh … not too …” said Bunga. “Sit first non non … we want to chat, chat a minute, right, we rarely talk …” said Putra. They could no longer bear to see the flower before him. Flowers sit again. Viery looked seriously at Bunga’s chest. Stiven also sat next to Bunga.

They chat casually. Because he could not stand his lust, Suddenly Stiven pulled his penis out of his pants.

Flowers were shocked. “What are you doing?” “Do you like it or not ??” said Stiven. Without being given the opportunity to answer Stiven immediately held Bunga’s hand and told him to hold his long penis. Bunga refused. Viery and Putra immediately removed all their clothes individually. Bunga also looked surprised by all that. In front of him there were already 2 men with his long-standing penis.

Unconsciously, Flower’s hand touched Stiven’s penis. Just staying Flower is still fully clothed in the room. Bunga immediately stood up from her chair, she shouted and ran towards the exit. But Viery and Putra quickly detained him. Bunga then shouted when his body was hugged tightly by Viery. His thick breasts are attached to Viery’s chest. “Just calm down … Just enjoy it,” said Stiven. “What the heck are you guys?” Said the flower with his shout.

Without bothering, Flowers are sent to the wall. In front of him, there were 3 men who were already passionate about it. There was a feeling of annoyance and there was a feeling of wanting to do it on Bunga’s face. Quickly the Son kissed his lips. Flowers were forced to follow suit. It turned out that Bunga had already experienced kissing, in the big screen films. Maliciously the Son enjoyed the event. While Stiven approached Bunga and immediately squeezed the Breast Flowers, the rubbery one was still wrapped in a black bra that was still visible even though he was wearing his clothes because the shirt was white, so the black bra was very contrasting. Occasionally the flower took off her kiss and sighed. “Oh my … auhhhhh … ”

Bunga continued to sigh because Stiven squeezed both of his twin hills. Unaware, Viery was trying to open a pair of Bunga jeans. Flowers also seem to be enjoying the scene. Soon the zipper opened and Viery pulled her jeans to release. Not expecting Flowers to immediately help by raising his feet one by one. Finally Flower’s smooth thigh appeared in front of Viery’s eyes. Bunga stopped her kiss and allowed Stiven to undress it. They ferociously stripped Flower’s clothes one by one.

Unexpectedly, an angel is in front of them. The flower’s body was so smooth and there were scratches near her hips. Flowers also enjoyed it more, he squat and suck the penis of the penis the biggest among them 3. Viery quickly did her job again, squeezing the two hills of Bunga quickly. While Stiven licks the fringe of the vagina of Flowers. With lust Flowers moved his head backwards. Son assisted to hold Bunga’s head and advance backwards quickly.

Flowers also looked about to throw up because the tip of the thoracic throat was touched by the tip of his penis. “Ahhhh … ahhhhh … continue non “said Putra. Flowers continue to suck with eyes closed. After about 15 minutes the scene continued. Flower changes position, both hands hold his weight, he is like a sheep who wants to be raped. Ball Score Prediction

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Again the flower chewed on his penis, behind Stiven slowly entered Bunga’s anus hole. “Ahhhhhhhhh … Slow down !!!!! “shouted Bunga while returning to his penis. Viery was busy twisting the two nipples of Flowers. “Ashhh … ashhhhhhhhh …”. “Enjoy it, isn’t it Neng ??” Stiven said as he continued to ramp up quickly. Finally the flower’s anus hole was getting loose. Stiven continues to boost Flowers from behind.

Visible Flowers increasingly enjoy. Flowers with lust crushed the testicles of the Son who again stroked his hair. Son let go of his penis. He moves behind Flowers. From the side you can see a fast and backward movement. After a while everything stopped. They give 3 times the interest so they can breathe again. Bunga stood back up and laughed a little. “Look out for you guys …” said Bunga.

The three of them smiled. Not long after, Viery raised Flowers to the Sofa which was quite large and stretched the Flowers there. Viery immediately entered her vagina slowly. With the rapid Viery pushing the Flower’s vagina which already looks familiar with Viery’s penis. “Ahhh … teruss !!!” said Bunga with lust.

After a while, around the vagina the Flower did not appear to sprinkle blood. It seems like Bunga has had sex before. Bunga’s right hand shakes Son’s Penis, who is about to leave. Stiven Pun shook his penis while the tip of the penis was affixed to the nipples of Flowers. Looks like the three are almost climax. And at the time, they pulled out their sperm together on Bunga’s face.

The flower’s face is enveloped by so many sperm. The 3rd man looked very happy and very tired. Because they are not satisfied, they want to see Flower orgasm. Flowers carried by the Son, Andi opened the flower crotch, and Viery put the three fingers into the vagina of Flowers. “Ahhhhhhh ……… ahhhhhhhh” shouted Flowers in the room. After about 3 minutes Flowers sighed. Finally Bunga has an orgasm. With a limp face Bunga fell asleep on the sofa. The 3 of them fell asleep on the body of Bunga.

Around 8:00 in the morning they woke up and saw Bunga still sleeping soundly. They shake the Flower body. “Non … Wake up non already morning …” they said. The flower woke up, it looked like there was a spider web. 3rd Sperm The man is still sticky on Bunga’s face. Finally Bunga headed to the toilet and cleaned the sticky whole body. Flowers also rushed to go home. Calling the driver to be delivered home. Flowers return to the room where sex last night occurred.

The 3 men were fully clothed and gave smiles to Bunga. “Beware if you are brave again … this time I’m sorry, but next time I will report it to the authorities !!”. “Ehh … yes non forgive us last night”. Bunga immediately rushed out of the room and waited for the driver in front of the road.

Luckily the filming was held every 3 days, so today Bunga is off. If only today there was a filming schedule maybe Flowers had been caught by the Film Crew. Soon, Bunga entered his car and fell back asleep. Arriving at the house Bunga immediately fell asleep on his bed. Bunga is very tired of last night’s incident. But Flowers feels satisfaction that is second to none.

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My Sex Story With A Virgin Girl

this story began on Friday night Saturday around half past 12 in the evening. Suddenly I received a call from Yuli, my college friend first. I haven’t heard from you for a long time. I used to walk together with him and the kids from Jakarta. You know, the time at campus is really primodial

But there is no harm to my friend and Yuli, the person is beautiful, tall and slender, the body is fantastic and the last thing I really like from Yuli is her hair. From the beginning of the lecture until Yuli’s jet black hair finished, it was always long. Especially if it is arranged a little curled up, hmmm I always think he’s really barbie doll

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“Hello Yu? what’s up, I’m calling me. Malem again! “I asked.
“Yan, can I pick me up on XXX or not?” He asked, referring to one of the most famous nightclubs in the city of Bandung.
“Ha? Are you in Bandung? Aren’t you in Jakarta? Last I heard that you worked in Jakarta? “I asked, surprised, why was Yememem Yuli suddenly in Bandung.
“Just tell me the story, now please pick me up. It’s really sad, “Yuli knitted me, a little bit merciful.
“OK, you wait a minute, I pick up now, 10-15 minutes,” I replied. Then I got ready to take out a car to pick up Yuli.

On the way my mind was full of questions. The biggest question remains, why is Yuli melting away at nightclubs in Bandung, alone again. What is stranger is why ask to pick up with me? the more strange! When I arrived at the nightclubs, I parked my car. After descending, I immediately found Yuli standing at the entrance. The condition is rather strange.

“Hello Yu! Alone? “I asked. “Yeah Yan …” he answered weakly. His eyes look very red.
“Yu, why is this here? Hmm … sorry, are you drunk huh? “I asked probing.
“Can we leave Yan now or not? “People don’t like it,” he said. I looked around, indeed some security and new visitors came to pay attention to us with strange looks.
“Okay, come on. My car is over there. “I asked Yuli to get into the car.

After turning on the car and driving out of the parking area, I asked Yuli “Where are you going, Yu?” “Where’s Yan?” Yuli answered sitting next to me.
“Where do you want to go?” “Belom has a place to stay” he answered briefly. “Well, what the hell. It’s really lazy, Yu, I’m anter looking for a hotel, “I laughed.
“Yan, I can keep your place or not. Just like that, I need to add it again, “he asked. “You don’t want to be in my place? My rented house is small, messy again. Ordinary, bachelor house, “I replied with a smile. “I already knew you were a mess from the first” he answered with a small smile. Finally he smiled too

“Yes, we’ve just come home, it seems you are really tired too,” I asked. “When is it from Jakarta?” “This afternoon” Yuli answered. “So from Jakarta, you go straight to xxx?” He just smiled a little. You naughty !
“Sorry nih Yu, are you having a problem, huh?” He paused for a moment, then answered “Yes that’s the case,” he replied. “May I know the problem until you become like this,” I asked again. “Yan, can’t you ask? Please … “he pleaded. “I just need to be cemented now, but I promise to tell you, you are the one who is troubled because of my problem,” Yuli continued. “OK, if you don’t want to talk anymore, I won’t ask anymore” I replied.

Arriving at my house, it turns out Yuli didn’t have any preparation to go to Bandung, she only carried a small bag containing a wallet and cosmetic equipment. “Just use my clothes, your clothes are already dirty using the trip,” I said, giving Yuli the smallest shirt and rubber shorts. “OK,” he replied, accepting the shirt. Then Yuli entered the bathroom to clean her body and change clothes. While I cleaned my room to be occupied by Yuli and I spread the bed in the living room to where I slept. I do have a spare bed for preparation if there is a family or a friend who wants to eat.

“Yu, you just sleep in my room, I’m ready,” I said to Yuli. “Oh sorry Rian, I was so frustrated,” he said. “Where are you?” Yuli asked. “In the living room, I have a spare bed,” I replied.

“Have you eaten malem?” “Already, use a few beers” he replied while laughing. “You basic … Yes, I already have french fries and nuggets, do I want to fry it or not?” “You can, from nothing there,” he replied with a small laugh. Finally I cooked him french fries, nuggets and sausages, which were only in my fridge. I also made him warm tea. After eating and drinking, Yuli looks a bit refreshed.

“Yes, already Yu, you just sleep now, it’s half past two,” I said. “I’m also really sleepy anyway,” I continued. “OK,” said Yuli, who then went into the room, before entering she had time to hand over to me while smiling. Basically, people are feeling insensitive

Then I lay on the bed and turned on the television. TV is indeed in my living room. I lowered his voice so as not to disturb Yuli. Even though I was sleepy, it was very difficult for me to close my eyes.

About 15 minutes later, Yuli came out of the room toward me. “What’s wrong, Yu? do you need anything? ” Yuli was just silent but then lay beside me, even she pulled out the blanket that I was wearing so that she got along. “I said yes, I need to be supplemented again. Can I lie here or not? I still want to chat with you first, “Yuli said. “But Yu, we’re different” I replied. “How is it different?” Asked Yuli who was lying next to me. “Yes, you are a girl, I am a guy, then we are both adults, are you not afraid” I asked. “Hmmm … did you hurt me anyway? As far as I know, you’re always good to me Yan. “Yuli answered. I just took a breath, I thought, maybe I am good with him, but I am also an ordinary guy, where are there guys who are not confused there are beautiful girls sleeping next to him

“Yes, it’s up to you, though I think it’s a bit strange. But since you’re a little drunk it’s natural, “I said. Yuli just smiled a little. “Yu, why are you in Bandung, then from so many people in Bandung why do you ask me to pick up?” “I don’t know Yan. My thoughts are only you who I can trust and I bother “he answered. I smiled a little, damn this girl, it’s good to use it. “Remember when I was in college, didn’t you help me?” Continued Yuli. I was speechless remembering the past, indeed Yuli used to not be very enthusiastic about college, if not helped it might not be finished.

“Remember when my script didn’t work? You really helped me a lot, “Yuli continued. “I don’t think I helped, but I made it” I replied with a laugh. “Ye … but I already paid for food,” Yuli said, hitting my arm. “The future is to pay for just eating,” I replied while continuing to laugh. “So first, I don’t want it,” Yuli asked sullenly. “Yes I am sincere, my name is also friend” I replied. we both laughed.

“Yu, like me, you were a really good girl. Even though you’re trendy, it’s always stylish, but it’s never weird. But try to see now, suddenly come to Bandung, drunk, then stay at the boy’s place again, “I said. Yuli just fell silent while staring at the ring worn on her ring finger. Then she took off the ring and put it on the floor. “This is because of my fiance,” said Yuli softly. “So you are fiancee?” Yuli just nodded. “In the past …” he answered simply. “How come first?”

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“Until this afternoon, yeah. Today is a holiday, I mean I just want to take a break at home. But suddenly my fiance came with a girl. He has a dozen of our fiancees. He can’t marry the girl next week, bro, the girl is pregnant, “Yuli said, sobbing. “I see,” I replied concerned. “The problem is that he’s already applied for me, the wedding date has also been determined, the preparation has also begun,” continued Yuli with her tears. “Do you want to say if I try to be with my family Yan, I’m really embarrassed” Yuli continued crying.

“Yes, how do you do it, Yu, the problem is really heavy,” I said, then hugged him. For a long time Yuli cried in my arms. I can’t comment a lot, it’s really a complicated problem. After the tears subsided, our arms were released, Yuli and I lay together side by side again.

“Maybe he isn’t your soul mate Yu,” I said to Yuli. “Yeah, but just when he left I was just like that” replied Yuli. “What do you do, Yu? What is the child in the womb of the girl? There must be responsibility, “I replied. “If for example you want to marry with him, do you want to be tormented for the rest of your life considering that the guy you are playing turns out to be not responsible for the blood of his own flesh”

“Yeah too. If I become a girl, I definitely also demand responsibility “Yuli said. “Yes, fortunately, your ex-fiance still wants responsibility,” I said.

“He actually once asked ML with me, but I refused Yan. Maybe if I used to give you nothing like this, “Yuli said bluntly. “Even so, Yu, in my opinion it can’t be the reason for him to cheat and get pregnant with other girls,” I said.

“Basic guy, why is his mind sex solely” said Yuli slightly elevated. “Really, that’s why I don’t want to date guys” I replied with a laugh. Yuli joined in laughing. “Rian, have you ever been ML or not?” Asked Yuli probing. I just smiled a little. “Why not answer ? huh? “asked Yuli very curiously. “It’s just done, it means it’s ever been. Just the same guy, his mind isn’t far from the groin, “Yuli said, hitting my chest.

“Yes, even though I have, but I don’t cheat on my fiance and marry other girls,” I replied teasing Yuli with a laugh. “Just like that, you guys. Fuck everyone, “Yuli said, changing the position that initially faced me to face up. I’m still laughing. “Yan, indeed, ML is really delicious, how come there are so many people who haven’t married, but ML, until they are pregnant again,” Yuli asked. “No Yu, ML is very sick, so I don’t want it anymore” I replied jokingly. Yuli pinched my waist. “Ihh … seriously asked instead joking,” Yuli said.

“After you use the question. Yes, it must be nice, if not why does everyone want ML and become addicted again? “I said. “Maybe if ML doesn’t taste good, it’s already extinct. No one wants to have children if ML doesn’t feel good or sick, “I said jokingly. Yuli just laughed a little. “How nice is it like,” Yuli asked. I paused for a moment. “How about Yu, I’m having a hard time, but ML is the most enjoyable activity of all activities. Either you also understand why I have experienced it, “I replied.

“Hmm … isn’t it delicious like chocolate?” Yuli asked, getting weird … “How about Yu, if we eat chocolate, the delicious taste is constant, as much as you eat, it’s delicious just like that. But if ML is delicious there are stages. so it’s nice to change depending on the stage, like there is something to aim for, yes the orgasm “I replied.

“What does orgasm look like?” Yuli asked again. “I don’t understand a girl’s orgasm, but if I do orgasm, it’s usually together with sperm release. I feel like it looks like, after a girl has an orgasm, usually her vagina is flooded with mucus, “I replied. “Just like that?” Yuli asked. “Yes no,” I replied. “If the orgasm of the body feels really relaxed, it is rich in the air, so is the good taste.” I continued.

“So you want …” Yuli said with a curious face. I pushed Yuli’s forehead while saying “Already sleeping there, your mind has been messed up”, even though I actually want it too … “But really Yan, I want to. Do you want to? “Yuli asked. I’m just silent. “Why Yan, I’m not pretty? or am I not sexy until you don’t want to? “asked Yuli.

“It’s not so Yu you are drunk again, you haven’t realized it. Your mind gets messed up. It’s better if we just go to sleep, instead of doing something that maybe we’ll be as nice as tomorrow morning, “I said. Yuli nodded little. “Yes, we’ve slept. But before I go to bed I can try

“You kiss again,” Yuli said. I kissed his forehead again. “Not there,” Yuli said again. “Here?” I said, pointing at his cheek, then I kissed the blushing cheeks. “Not there,” Yuli said again, closing her eyes and advancing her lips. Wow, Yuli really tested my faith. Actually I was really passionate from before, but in my heart I don’t want to use girls who are not 100% aware.

I kissed her lips. But after I kissed Yuli still closed her eyes and pushed her lips to me. I kissed again, this time it’s a little longer. Yuli reacted by sucking in my lips. I broke my kiss, then I looked at Yuli who was looking at me hopefully. Well … wtf, I don’t care anymore, finally I kissed Yuli savage. I kissed Yuli by sucking her lower lip, Yuli replied by sucking on my lower lip. Sometimes I put my tongue into his mouth. At first Yuli didn’t react, but after a while when my tongue came in she sucked hard, sometimes Yuli turned her tongue into my mouth.

During the kiss, I stroked Yuli’s hair, then my eagle dropped to her back, down again to her waist. Then I ventured to squeeze his buttocks. Yuli gave a small sigh “Uhh …” while pressing her crotch towards my crotch. After several times stroking the back to squeeze his buttocks, I squeezed his chest. Hmmm … Yuli’s breasts are really good. Big compared to his body. “Hmm … Hgmmm … Hgmmm” Yuli gasped because her breasts were crumpled by me, not releasing her kiss.

Passion peaked when wringing a pair of Yuli chewy meat. Then I stroked Yuli’s back again. This time I put my hand in his shirt and stroked his back immediately on the skin. Shit, it turns out that Yuli doesn’t wear a bra, it just deserves that when my breasts were squeezed from the outside it felt very bad. When I stroked his back, I petted the side of his body so that the breasts disappeared. Looks like Yuli really enjoyed my elusions, then she held my hand and directed my hand to squeeze her breasts. Crazy, really cool breasts. Her breasts are pointed forward with big nipples!

I really enjoyed wringing Yuli’s breasts, sometimes I played her nipples. Looks like Yuli also enjoyed it very much, her body trembled as she let out small groans “Uggrhh …. myrr ….” My thigh clamped between the groin I accidentally swiped to her pussy so that Yuli became more aroused. Yuli responds by pressing her pussy more tightly into my thigh. If I stop rubbing my thigh, Yuli moves her hips on her own. Ball Prediction

My right hand squeezed Yuli’s back again. This time I put my hand in his pants. Since he’s wearing rubber pants, I easily put my hand in. Apparently Yuli also did not wear underwear. I easily squeezed the round ass. Every time I squeeze his buttocks, Yuli increasingly presses her pussy into my thigh. I tried to hold her pussy from behind. When it was formed, Yuli’s body was electrocuted, bellowing “Uhh ….”. Hmmm … it turned out that Yuli was really aroused, her pussy was very wet.

Now I hold her pussy from the front. And began stroking Yuli’s pussy lips that had already flooded. Yuli let go of my kiss. Now every time I rub the outer lips of her vagina, Yuli squeals loudly “Ohgh …. Ohh … Ohgh … ” “Delicious, really good. What are you doing, how come it’s really good, “Yuli said while brushing away. With my middle finger I look for the clit, then I wipe slowly. “Akhhh …” Yuli shouted when I wiped her clit. Then Yuli held my hand, it seems like she wasn’t strong if her clitoris was rubbed on.

Finally I stretched out Yuli. Then I opened the T-shirt worn by Yuli so Yuli 1/2 was naked now. I opened Yuli’s thighs wide and I put my body between her groin. My next goal is her breasts. Now I lick the nipples of her right breast. Yuli’s body moved and looked like she seemed to like me licking and sucking on her nipples. Sometimes Yuli brings her two breasts together to make it more advanced. I paused for a moment, looking at Yuli. Actually I really wanted to open Yuli’s pants and prick her pussy with my dick. But I’m a little hesitant.

“Yan, how come I have it, I can’t stand it,” Yuli said, looking at me hopefully. Yuli’s words seemed to erase my doubts somewhere. I danced Yuli’s pants easily, especially Yuli helped by lifting her buttocks. Then I stood up, opened my shirt and pants, now Yuli and I are both naked. For a moment I looked at Yuli’s body. His tall, slender body was covered with smooth white skin, plus large breasts in his chest. His long and long legs have calves like bulis rice. I gasped for a moment especially when I saw her vagina covered in black feathers between her thighs that had been wide open.

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“How come it’s only diliatin?” Yuli asked. I smile then put my body between his groin. I kissed Yuli once again, she replied with a savage enough, then my kiss went down to her big breasts. I just want to make sure Yuli is quite aroused before I pierce her virgin pussy. Sat kissed my cock swiping pussy even though not yet entered. I position my body and lead my cock to pussy. “Yu. first it hurts, but it’s delicious, “I said. “Yeah, I hear too often.” Yuli answered. I started pushing my cock into Yuli’s pussy. Yuli just looked at me while biting her lips.

When my cock was in 1/2 Yu yelled “AKhh … it’s sick”. I pause my cock. After a few lapses I shake my cock a little then I push it again until it’s full. “It’s really sick,” Yuli said miserably. “Calm down Ra, it hurts for a while, then it will be good too,” I said calmly. “No Yan, really sick, can you pull it off first,” Yuli pleaded while holding back pain. I also can’t bear to see it, finally I pull out my dick. When I pulled out my penis was covered with virgin blood Yuli. Also from her vagina I saw blood flowing. Hmmm … it’s more than the virgin blood I’ve ever seen.

“How come Yan is bleeding?” Yuli asked in panic. “It’s called virgin blood dear. Your hymen has broken, “I replied. “I want to take a shower first, bro, clean it first,” Yuli said. I drove Yuli to the bathroom and waited for her from outside, to make sure Yuli was okay. After Yuli left the bathroom, her vagina was clean. But my passion has dropped, it seems that Yuli’s lust has also dropped. Finally we just lay side by side, still naked.

“How come Yan is really sick,” Yuli asked. “Yeah that’s Yu, it’s your first time, your pussy is still narrow plus there is a hymen” I replied. “Do you want to continue, Ra?” I asked Yuli. “Want it, but slowly,” Yuli answered.

Finally I put my body over his body again. I started kissing Yuli’s body. From her lips, cheeks, neck and breasts. I like not satisfied smelling and licking the smooth body that is still around. Sometimes my hand strokes the pussy. I did not plan to kiss her pussy, afraid she was shocked and felt disgusted, could cancel orgasm tonight

After Yuli was aroused enough, I pointed my cock into her vagina. This time Yuli didn’t look tense like the first time. I pushed my cock in. “Heghh..heghmm …” Yuli moaned when my cock entered. This time the vagina is not too difficult to penetrate, maybe because it is not tense so the vaginal fluid is enough. I push my cock until it’s stuck. I saw there was a little blood flowing from her vagina, maybe the rest of her hymen was still not broken.

I shake my cock slowly, Yuli’s body shook slightly, Yuli still bit her lips. Shake me, I speed up a little, it’s really nice Yuli’s pussy. Sangking narrow like my cock was sucked strongly by her vagina. I accelerated my sway, now Yuli began to groan, “Akh … Akh … Akhhh …” in tune with the entry and exit of my cock in her vagina. “Again, yeah … Again … Again” he sighed while holding my ass as if he wanted to keep pressing him.

“Crazy Yu, your pussy is really nice, really narrow”. I said. “Your penis is really hard, good …” Yuli answered on her sidelines.

I really don’t intend to use another style. For the first time Yuli just used the conventional style, the man above. That way I can control the prick of my cock into her pussy. I stabbed slowly pussy Yuli, sometimes I accelerated. Sometimes I stop for a moment then I stab hard. Sometimes I stick to the side.

Suddenly Yuli’s body tightened a little, it seemed like she wanted to orgasm. I accelerated my shake, because I want to orgasm together. If it’s the same as the virgins, sometimes I don’t want to continue if she has an orgasm, she says quickly. “Ahhh … Akhh … Awhhh …” Yuli shrieked more and more loudly as the penis punched faster.

“Again dear … again … again …” yelled Yuli. I also feel I’m going to orgasm a little more. Suddenly Yuli’s body tightened and shook violently while shouting “AKHHHH ….” Yuli held me tight and put her legs around me, I was no longer strong, but I couldn’t let go of my body from Yuli. Finally I was desperate, I pressed my cock deeply and I shot my sperm into Yuli’s womb 5 or 6 times. I was very satisfied with Yuli’s complete compulsion, from giving up to orgasm in her pussy.

After a while finally my cock shrank and Yuli let go of her arms. “Crazy really good, many people are addicted” Yuli said after lying down next to me. Finally Yuli returned to Jakarta on Sunday afternoon. Yuli and I repeated our intercourse several times between Yuli and me walking around in Bandung, or rather Yuli and I took a walk between our relationships. Finished.

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